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Western Sydney Shutters was formed in 2016. The company may be new, but
industry experts with more than a decade of experience are behind its operations.

Penrith's leading blinds and shutters

The masterminds behind Western Sydney Shutters have 15+ years of experience in the industry. They first started in timber and joinery as a family business; working on high-end residential properties in Sydney’s prestige areas.

After years working with different species of timber and evolving technology towards window and door joinery, it was time for a change.

Realising the need for better quality plantation shutters, we exhausted suppliers and tested different samples until settling on our current partners (and have never looked back).

Plantation shutters have slats as wide as 115mm or as small as 63mm. When fully opened, they let in the maximum airflow and light possible. It is why plantation shutters are preferred by those who want to keep their homes cool.

There was also a high demand for more efficient screen doors and blinds in Australia. After some research, we noticed that there was a huge gap when it comes to the quality of the these products on the market.

We have used our knowledge and expertise in selecting the right materials for shutters, blinds and screen doors.

Western Sydney Shutters uses timber as the primary material for our shutters due to:

  • The shutters provide a classic design, which appeals to any Australian customer.
  • The styling can fit any interior design and motif that exist within the house.
  • Basswood shutters are a great value for money timber.
  • You can choose any colour you want or you can go for a natural finish (stained).
  • Paulownia is great for staining, plus it is a fast growing tree (therefore very sustainable).
  • Although lighter than PVC shutters, timber shutters are strong and reliable.
  • You do not have to worry about sagging even if the windows have a greater width than normal. The light material allows it to stay put even throughout the years of use.
  • Our PVC is EU Reach Certified and non toxic.
  • Timber panels can span up to 1000mm with no sagging.
  • You get a much cleaner appearance and an enhanced view.

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Penrith's leading blinds and shutters

While many companies would simply focus on PVC shutters, we know that timber is superior in many ways. We would usually say to our clients “timber has been used for thousands of years and so far, hasn’t failed”. It was one of the things that inspired us to make a difference. While the other materials were great, we chose another direction.

Timber shutters are an excellent window treatment to enhance room insulation. You can count on them to keep your home cool during the hot summer months and warm during the winter season. Even if you want timber in a wet area like your bathroom, we can make this happen.

Western Sydney Shutters are experts in timber, joinery and are constantly evolving in ways to enhance the industry.

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