Curtains in a modern home

All About Curtains

Curtains make an exciting addition to your home. They are quite versatile because they are not limited to just one part of your house. You can place them in your bedroom, kitchen, living area, and even your bathroom.

Curtains can make the property feel homier. In addition to these advantages, here are more reasons why curtains should be a part of your home décor:

1. You get the benefits of temperature control.

Of course, it will depend on the material used, but most curtains allow the home to become more comfortable. It is why curtains are an ideal add-on to bedrooms. At first glance, you will think that curtains are not heavy-duty at all. However, they are more convenient than they appear, since they can help keep your room warm in the winter and fresher in the summer.

2. You gain more privacy with curtains.

Apartments usually suffer from nosey neighbours. If you do not want other people to look inside your place, you can use curtains to prevent it from happening. Some curtains though can be quite flimsy. Therefore, you have to think about the purpose before purchasing. Go for a thicker set that offers blockage from prying eyes.

3. Curtains will help prevent dust accumulation.

If you keep your windows open, you are inviting dust to enter your place. Curtains will act as a barrier between the outside world and your room. They will gather dust from windows and other open areas. This way, dirt will not spread quickly. You have to remember to give your curtains a shake though every once in a while. Make sure to wash them regularly, so they do not get dirty and cause allergies.

4. Curtains will keep out unwanted light.

Has your sleep ever cut short because of the blinding light from the sun? Sleep deprivation is a serious problem. If you work at night, you want a peaceful slumber during the daytime. Get some curtains to block light so you can sleep calmly every day.

5. They can beautify your room.

Curtains enhance the appeal of your place. With their customisability, there is no limit when it comes to their design and style. Base it on the size of your windows, the material, and the purpose of why you need these curtains.

Woman opening window curtains at home

The right curtains can substantially improve your home’s decor

Everything from the fit to fabric to the overall look can be personalised. Curtains are made precisely for your windows, taking their exact measurements, so they are custom fit. When it comes to fabric, you get to choose the material that best suits your purpose. For instance, linen is a good option if you want to benefit from temperature control. Lace and synthetics can block just a little bit of light out while keeping the room airy.

Curtains vs Blinds

Both curtains and blinds are a wonderful part of interior decorating. With their help, you can significantly improve your room’s appearance and functionality. These two are considered types of soft furnishings, and they can be a wise investment, especially when used appropriately.

While they are both window treatments, there are some special factors to consider before you choose between blinds and curtains. Here are some tips that will help decision-making much easier for you:

1. Room Size

Most of the time, bedrooms, as well as living areas and dining rooms, will benefit from full-length curtains. You can pick anything from sheer to lined options because they will look good in these parts of your home. Meanwhile, if you have a smaller room, you can choose blinds.

2. Light Control Requirements

Does your room require complete darkness, especially in the morning? Do you want it to become more private but still allow some natural light in? Both of these treatments can offer these benefits. Bedroom windows often require two layers of protection. One of these layers is for filtering light that also provides privacy during daytime. Meanwhile, the other layer will be used to block out light, particularly in the early morning.

When you use curtains, you can get the functions mentioned above. Having thick curtains can block daylight out completely. If you fit them into a recess, they will prevent light from entering or escaping your room. Another option is to go for wall-to-wall curtains, which give serious darkness, comparable with hotels.

As for blinds, they will effectively keep the light out through the entire body of the window. However, there will be some light travelling to the base of the blinds and their sides.

3. Furniture Placement

Before you even think about applying window treatments, you should first position your furniture pieces. This way, it will be easier to determine which type is better for the space. For spots that have desks, beds, and sofas right under the windows, it may be more efficient to go with blinds. However, if the furniture, such as a bed, is farther from the window, long curtains would give a sophisticated effect to the whole room.

4. Window Type and Size

Because both curtains and blinds make your room more attractive, they mostly fit any type of window. For instance, if you have double-hung windows, you can use either curtains or blinds. French doors have a classic look as well, so you can use whichever suits your taste.

If you have a frameless wall of glass, you may need to talk to your designer first. It helps if such a discussion is done during the planning stages. This way, it will be much easier for you to determine if curtain hardware can be installed and how the treatments will stack when you open them.

Usually, however, windows already exist. In this case, you can opt for a window treatment that is of the same height as the whole opening. Curtains should pile off the windows or blinds if you have a combination of curtains and blinds. Rods should be installed above the window, extending onto the other side to create a larger frame.

How to Pick the Best Curtains for Your Room

There are a variety of curtains available today. It is often tempting to go with anything that fits your preferences. However, you also have to consider your budget, the size of the room, and why you need curtains.

Here are some tips that will help you discover the right type of curtains for your bedroom or any space in your home:

1. Fabric Choice

One of the top considerations when it comes to choosing curtain fabric is the purpose of the window treatment. Some people want blackout curtains while others just want natural light to shine through. If you have intrusive neighbours, it is time to shun them with thick curtains.

Cotton and linen are among the best choices here because these materials offer different degrees of opacity. They range from sheer to mild to opaque. Depending on the fabric, you can let light and breeze in or you can get the privacy you need.

Velvet curtains are often the top option for thorough light-blocking, but silk, cotton, and rayon can also be doubled. When used with a blackout lining, you will not have any light entering your room.

2. Hanging Style

You should also pick the hanging style that suits your taste and the room itself. Many assortments exist now, including double and triple pinch pleats, inverted box pleat, pencil pleat, and S-wave pleat.

Various hanging styles of curtains

The various hanging styles of curtains

Pleated styles give a more traditional look but also exude a classy vibe to the space. You can use a transitional form that will fit the existing décor in your room. With the vast collection of styles and accessories, you can dress up these window treatments however you like.

Of course, you should not get carried away. Keep it natural and straightforward while still unleashing the interior designer in you.

3. Curtain Size

The measurements of your curtain may not appear essential, but they can make or break the overall appearance of this window treatment. Most of the time, people’s instinct is to keep the curtains long while having them hang right on top of the window frame. If you want your windows to look taller though, the best way to achieve such a goal is to hang them below the ceiling.

Similarly, you can hang the curtain rod just a few centimetres wider than your window. Having a bit of allowance will let you open your curtains without them getting in the way of the window frame. Therefore, the stacked curtains will not block natural light. At the same time, you create an illusion of a much larger window.

When it comes to the height of the curtains, you can have them hit the floor or just a few centimetres away from the ground. For a more romantic look, however, you can have the curtains pool on the floor. If there is a piece of furniture in the way, it is better to have long, flowy curtains rather than ones that hang higher than the floor.

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