Cedar shutters

Why Not Invest in Cedar Shutters?

The cedar tree grows in many parts of the world but mainly thrives in the Pacific Northwest. It is an area with damp weather where fungi, insects, other destructive microorganisms live as well.

Being subjected to these harsh conditions, cedar trees possess self-shielding properties. Therefore, they can combat several different stresses that can affect their appearance and wellbeing.

Cedar and Cedar Wood: An Overview

Cedar is any member of the Cedrus genus. It usually bears the following distinct characteristics:

  • Tall
  • Coniferous
  • Fragrant
  • Durable

Some coniferous trees from the Thuja, Chamaecyparis, and Juniperus genera are considered cedar trees. However, in reality, there are only four species of “real and verifiable” cedars:

  • Atlas
  • Cyprus
  • Lebanon
  • Deodar

Conifers are often considered a type of cedar because they have the qualities of the real cedars above. They are evergreen and have a strong smell. Additionally, conifers can resist decay and repel insects as well.

Cedar wood (also spelt as cedarwood) is light and resinous. It is also soft, but durable, which is why it is harvested for different purposes. Cedar wood can resist moisture and does not rot even if it comes in contact with soil for a long time.

You may be familiar with cedar wood of chests, fence posts, and pencils. These products actually come from incense cedar, along with other species, such as red cedar and the giant arborvitae.

Uses of Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is popular all over the world. For most people, they can recognise cedar because of its scent. However, being aromatic is not only the reason why this tree is used in many ways, including window shutters.

Cedar is used for crafting almost everything that you can find, including:

  • Roof shingles
  • Exterior wall shingles
  • Guitars
  • Violins and other stringed instruments
  • Chests
  • Trunks
  • Wardrobe

Some of the species used in the mentioned finished products above are Spanish cedar, eastern red cedar, and western red cedar.

Why Cedar Shutters are Worth Your Money

Cedar wood indeed has many benefits to offer, which is why Western Sydney Shutters trusts this material. Of course, not all cedars are created equal. There are different species that are most suitable for use in making shutters.

Some of the qualities that you are looking in shutters are durability and privacy. Cedar is a type of softwood, but you can compare it to pine when it comes to its hardness. It is also stable, which is why it is perfect for use in both exterior and interior shutters.

If you are contemplating on which window shutters from Western Sydney Shutters to choose, you may consider cedar. Here are some of the reasons that will surely convince you that cedar wood is the perfect material for your window shutters:

1. Cedar wood is stable.

One of the most important qualities of reliable window shutters is their stability. Cedar wood is actually a common material used for exterior shutters. It is preferred because homeowners and even businesses know that it is stable.

When a certain material is stable, it means that it will not expand. Therefore, it will not crack, especially when subjected to moisture and changes in temperature.

2. It is easy to work with.

Sometimes, you just cannot pass up on the opportunity to do some remodelling and other beautifuing tasks. As a homeowner, you may want to perform some changes with your shutters. Cedar wood is easy to work with, which is why it is not only used in shutters but in other applications as well, including furniture.

For builders, cedar wood is great because it can be cut easily. Just using common tools, such as saw and nails, can turn cedar into a workable raw material. It can also be smoothened or machined to match any pattern. Glue bonds quickly with cedar wood while offering a good base for stains and paint.

3. Cedar wood is reliable.

Come rain or shine and even during times of extreme temperatures, you can divert your mind into other more important things. You do not need to worry about your cedar shutters because they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Additionally, they will not break or rot once the rain stops and moisture is in the air. You can rest assured that the shutters are reliable no matter what happens outside.

4. Cedar can resist weather damage.

You may have heard about different products and materials that possess weather-resisting qualities. They may or may not even be able to stop weather issues and damage. However, cedar wood has been proven to survive severe weather conditions.

It is why structures that can survive through the heat, cold, and snow use cedar. You can even find this wood in saunas, which hold up against heat and humidity for several hours.

5. It is aromatic.

One of the reasons why cedar is a top option for window shutters in bedrooms is that they do not smell as bad as other wood counterparts. Cedar is quite fragrant but not too pungent. It has a good smell that you will love waking up to. Also, the aroma has other uses that you will find helpful when looking for the window shutters to choose from.

6. Cedar wood has antimicrobial qualities.

Cedar has a pleasant scent primarily due to thujaplicin, which is an agent that has antibacterial and antifungal properties. As you may already know, an antibacterial agent kills or at least prevents the growth of bacteria. Antifungal agents can stop many types of fungi.

Several infections are caused by bacteria. On the other hand, fungi can result in mould build-up. You do not want any of these microorganisms in your room or any part of the house. Your windows are among the places where they travel, which is why it always helps to shut them down with your cedar shutters.

7. Cedar is durable.

Cedar is extremely resilient against many elements. Western red cedar is even considered one of the most durable wood species in the world. It can naturally resist moisture and decay while repelling insect damage.

As a member of the softwood family, it can easily beat other softwoods when it comes to stability. It has a low density and does not shrink easily.

8. Cedar is safe.

We have mentioned that cedar wood is durable. Therefore, it will not break easily. You can use cedar shutters even when you have kids around that mess with the shutters from time to time.

Cedar does not rupture quickly, even if your kids would try to break them. Plastic shutters, on the other hand, can easily be broken even without much effort.

It also relates to your safety from criminals that may want to rob your house, for instance. If they are trying to break into your home, they will have a hard time carrying out their plan. It is because cedar is sturdy and can protect you from these people.

9. Cedar shutters are good-looking.

When you look for the right shutters for your windows, the last thing you want is something that does not appeal to you. They should be attractive, even if you prefer minimal décor. For many years, wooden shutters were viewed as old-style options. It was why some homeowners, especially the younger ones, would veer away from them.

However, those days are gone. Cedar and other wood selections have become trendy and even show sophistication. The style is undeniable and can even improve the look of the windows. Cedar shutters exude luxury and elegance.

Traditional homes prefer cedar shutters, but even modern ones can agree that cedar has that unmatched sophisticated style.

10. Cedar wood is cost-effective.

Many homeowners choose plastic shutters because they are a much cheaper option than wooden shutters, including cedar. However, the truth is that cedar shutters offer more, making them more cost-efficient in the long run.

Cedar lasts longer, especially if you compare it to shutters made of plastic. Because this material resists damage, rot, and other destructive elements, you do not have to keep changing your shutters over and over. With proper care and maintenance, it is possible that you can have your shutters for a long time – usually up to 20 years.

11. Cedar shutters can help insulate your home.

Personalised cedar shutters are installed snugly. Therefore, they fit your windows perfectly. This characteristic can benefit your home when it comes to insulation.

If you do not already know, wood is not the ideal conductor of temperature. However, it is advantageous on your part because cedar will keep cold and hot air from moving out of your house. With proper insulation, you will see that you will soon have lower power bills, whether it is summer or winter.

Wood shutters, such as cedar, require maintenance. However, it will only need occasional maintenance, usually in the form of sealing. This way, the cedar shutters can prevent damage due to humidity. All in all, cedar shutters need minimal upkeep while giving your windows that classic look you cannot find anywhere else.

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